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With 70.000 ships globally consuming m300Tons fuel p.a. the shipping-sector accounts for around 3% of global CO2 emissions. It is labelled a hard-to-abate sector in need of an estimated USD 6 trillion investment through to 2070. However, the industry has made a strong commitment to reduce CO2 emissions significantly towards 2050.

The Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping is real climate action. It is a not-for-profit, independent research- and development center creating an industry wide transition strategy by providing overview of the technical solution space and the strategic swing factors:

Our vision is a decarbonization of the maritime industry

Our mission is to be a visible and significant driving force in the global maritime decarbonization journey. 

With partners from leading organizations across the world we will accelerate the development and implementation of new energy systems and technologies.

The Center was established in 2020 with a donation from the A.P. Møller Foundation.

2020 Foundation Governance


Our Approach to Decarbonization

Accelerating an industry wide transition requires technology advancements and -demonstration infusing confidence to act, in time, among private and public decisions makers across the global value chain

The Center combines deep specialist knowledge with an industry wide perspective to create a sector transition strategy and support the developments needed to accelerate implementation and help drive transformation in the context of climate change and a global energy transition.

The Center’s R&D activities are structured to support the need for technological advancements and strategic guidance by assessing the individual solutions incl. their gaps and risks across energy- and maritime value chains.



Become a partner

At the Center, we take cross sectoral collaboration to the next level. As a partner to the Center, you take an active role in identifying, demonstrating and maturing viable operational zero carbon solutions and their transition pathways. Through joint research and innovation activities you work for the greater good of society, while keeping proprietary knowledge. Our partners are present at the Center working with colleagues from across the maritime value chain. This level of collaboration is a first in the maritime industry, but we believe the time has come to truly join forces, accelerate the development of solutions and drive transformation towards Zero Carbon Shipping.

We are currently expanding our group of partners across the energy and maritime supply chains. New partners will be listed at the website as they join. 

Would you like to become a partner? Reach out at info@zerocarbonshipping.com


Would you like to leave your mark on the decarbonization of shipping?

The Center is currently looking for exceptional people committed to take an active role in decarbonizing shipping within a number of different areas incl. energy pathways, renewable fuels, vessel powering technologies, alternative propulsion, regulations and finance.

Please visit our Job Portal or LinkedIn site for current vacancies.